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Title 1

What is Title I?
ESEA provides funding to schools through several types of grants or “titles.”  Title I monies are awarded to schools based on their percentage of students who meet the federal guidelines for being “economically disadvantaged.

What is the district doing this year with its Title I funding?
The district is using the funding to support programs and services at the elementary and middle schools to support proficiency levels of students in language arts and mathematics.  The funds support computerized programs such as Scholastic Reading Inventory and Study Island, as well as intervention services through basic skills.  We also utilize the funds to provide professional development on intervention strategies.

How can parents be involved?
Parents are encouraged to be involved in many ways!  We strive to make sure that all of our children are successful by fostering strong home-school partnerships. We have listed just a few ways to be involved below:

  • Reach out to child's teacher.
  • Stay informed about your child's education.
  • Monitor attendance.
  • Inquire about Basic Skills programs and afterschool activities

How can I get more information or communicate my ideas about Title I services?
Parents can contact their child’s principal, the basic skills teachers or Director of Curriculum  & Instruction, Dr. Susan Ladd at (732) 701-1900 extension 2414. Parents are also invited to attend Back to School Nights and hear firsthand from the BSI teachers about targeted instruction for the students in our schools.

   - Board of Education Regulation 2415: Title 1 Services
   - Board of Education Policy 2415.02: Title 1 - Fiscal Responsibilities
   - Board of Education Policy 2415.04: Parental Involvement

For more information, please visit: http://www.state.nj.us/education/title1/program/parent/

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