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Corporate Sponsors

Point Pleasant Borough Schools' Corporate Sponsorship program affords local businesses and organizations the opportunity to place their advertising messages at one of the district's athletic venues. Corporate sponsorship partners send the community a strong message of support of our schools while providing vital financial support to the district's co-curricular offerings. The success of our athletic programs ensure that every sponsor's advertisement provides effective promotion of their business or organization to a large and diverse population.

The District would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsorship partners for their continued support.

If you are interested in becoming a district sponsorship partner, please contact Jacquelyn Goss in the Board of Education Office or call 732-701-1900 extension 2425 for more information or download our Sponsorship Opportunities Packet here.
Gold Sponsors
PBA 158
Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine
Package Sponsors
Carr's Driving School
Baseball Field Sponsors
Briggs Transportation
Football Sponsors
Bubbakoos Burritos
Chefs International

Ocean First Bank
ASAP Blinds

Cara Realtors

Basketball Sponsors
Jersey Mike's

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