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Point Pleasant Borough High School Track & Varsity Field ReopensTurf Field Aerial Photos

The Point Pleasant Borough School District is pleased to announce that the installation of the new turf field at Point Pleasant Borough High School's Al Saner Field is now complete and both the track and field have reopened for play.

The new multi-sport field was designed to accommodate the practice and games of Point Pleasant Borough High School’s boys’ and girls’ soccer and lacrosse teams, and the football and field hockey teams. The field also features a new long jump pit and runway for the outdoor track team. The field will also serve as an additional practice venue for the high school’s marching band.

The track has also reopened for community use.

The district wishes to thank the Point Pleasant community for their patience and support throughout the construction process and further wishes to remind users to please exercise care and caution when using the track and/or field.

Turf Field Aerial Photos “The new turf field is regarded as an investment in our students and the future of our schools,” said Superintendent of Schools Vincent S. Smith. “The new field not only provides increased playability and versatility with regard to the sports it can accommodate but also enhances co-curricular opportunities and provides increased accessibility for physical education classes. To best preserve and maximize the return on this investment, it is imperative that all users treat the track and field with the utmost respect and care and adhere to some simple guidelines, which will ensure its longevity.

“With care and regular maintenance, the new field will provide the children of Point Pleasant with a versatile playing field accessible to multiple sports that can be used safely, year-round and for years to come.”

To ensure a safe and well-maintained facility, the following articles and activities are PROHIBITED:

  • ONLY WATER is permitted on the Field
  • NO Gatorade, Coffee, Soft Drinks, etc. on the Field
  • NO Food, Snacks or Gum Chewing on the Field
  • NO Smoking or Tobacco products on the Field or School Property
  • NO Spitting on the Field
  • NO Dogs allowed on the Field or School Property
  • NO Tents or Portable Benches on the Field surface
  • NO sharp objects on the Field
  • NO Glass of any type on the Field
  • NO Garbage left behind – remove all items brought onto the Field
  • NO metal cleats or high heeled shoes – ONLY molded cleats (max. ½”), turf shoes or
    soled athletic shoes are permitted on the Field
  • NO Hitting Golf Balls on the Field
  • DO NOT DRAG goals or equipment
  • NO Motorized vehicles on the Field (except approved maintenance vehicles)

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