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New Jersey recognizes that effective educators are the most important in-school factor for student success, and has, ACHIEVENJtherefore, sought to develop an educator evaluation system that provides actionable, timely feedback for teachers, that incorporates components to address student learning. The New Jersey State Educator Evaluation System, or AchieveNJ offers school districts in New Jersey the option of selecting an approved teacher evaluation model that will facilitate teachers' continuous growth and improvement. AchieveNJ will provide school administrators with the tools necessary to differentiate between teachers who are excelling and those who are struggling and need support, helping good teachers become great, and helping struggling teachers to overcome their deficiencies, while providing a forum to recognize great teachers.

The District's Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee, tasked with selecting a meaningful and effective teacher evaluation tool selected the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching as Point Pleasant Borough Schools' evaluation model. The Committee believes the Danielson Framework is the most suitable evaluation method for promoting teacher effectiveness and professional learning in Point Pleasant Borough Schools.

The Danielson Framework meets the district's criteria for an effective evaluation tool inasmuch that it promotes student learning and growth and fosters specialized professional growth opportunities for our educators while identifying teacher strengths and best practices, and facilitates the exchange of expertise in a professional learning community environment.

The Framework is currently in its first year of implementation, pursuant to State law.

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