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Point Pleasant Borough Board of Education Member Larry Williams Honored by NJSBA

Chief WilliamsJanuary 2019 marked New Jersey’s 18th annual School Board Recognition Month, a time to honor and express appreciation for members of local boards of education for the important roles they serve in schools around the country.

“The members of our Board of Education are the stewards of Point Pleasant Borough’s public education system,” said Superintendent of Schools Vincent S. Smith.

“They provide hundreds of hours of time and an immeasurable amount of energy to assure the best educational experience possible for the children of Point Pleasant Borough.”

According to the superintendent, members of the Board of Education are local citizens elected to represent the communities they serve, whose decisions while serving affect their town’s children - what they learn, who will teach them, and what kinds of facilities will house their classrooms.

Elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for district schools, board members represent the public voice of the community.

“Our board members take their responsibilities very seriously, he said. “Each year of their service on the Board, the board members attend lengthy meetings, conventions and conferences to help broaden their knowledge about education and issues affecting our students.”

Many Board members serve multiple three-year terms, such is their dedication to improving and maintaining Point Pleasant Schools’ legacy of excellence. Take, for example, Board member Larry Williams.

Since 1976, Point Pleasant Borough Board of Education member Larry Williams has faithfully served the Point Pleasant Community, beginning when he embarked on the start of his law enforcement career with the Point Pleasant Police Department, a career that spanned 38 years and saw him ascend to the force’s highest ranks. In 1985, Mr. Williams achieved the rank of sergeant; in 1990, he became a lieutenant; and in 2009, he was appointed chief of police, a position he held until he retired in 2014.

Fifteen years into his law enforcement career, Chief Williams decided to further serve the community, specifically the community’s children, by becoming a member of the Point Pleasant Board of Education.

Elected to the Board in 1991, Chief Williams served for 19 consecutive years before his responsibilities as chief of police demanded more of his time, thus limiting the time he could commit to the Board of Education.

In 2010, citing time constraints, the chief reluctantly resigned from the Board of Education; however, after a six-year hiatus, Chief Williams, having recently retired from the police department, decided he wanted to continue to serve the Point Pleasant community and ran for reelection to the Board. In 2016, Chief Williams was reelected and resumed his place on the dais, where he continues to serve.

During his original tenure as well as his current term, Chief Williams has served as Board Member, Vice-President and President.

Throughout his time as a Board member and with the police department, Chief William has truly exemplified community service. He has been instrumental to the success of countless initiatives and improvements to the Point Pleasant School District while he has tirelessly worked to ensure the safety and security of the entire Point Pleasant community.

In recognition of his record of service, Chief Williams was recently honored by the New Jersey School Board Association for School Board Recognition Month with a profile in their School Board Notes magazine.

“I attended and graduated from the Point Pleasant School District,” Chief Williams was quoted in the article.

“I was very lucky to have wonderful teachers who instilled a sense of community in me. I have been extremely fortunate in my life to find people who have supported my every step,” he said. “We have had outstanding board members and administrators to make my time on the board so very enjoyable.  Point Pleasant is a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

The article ran in the publication's January 29, 2019 edition.

“The Board has been fortunate to count Chief Williams among its membership for the majority of the past four decades,” said Superintendent Smith.

“We congratulate and thank him on this, his most recent honor and we applaud his fellow members on the dais for their service and efforts to ensure the best educational opportunities for the past, present and future students of Point Pleasant Schools.”